In 1979, David decided to follow his love for photography and pursue a carrer as a professional portrait photographer. In 1980 he went to work for the Photo Corporation of America and was trained in formal portraiture. The following 18 months he travelled around Northern California as a PCA photographer and made more than ten thousand individual and group portraits. In 1982 he became a freelance photographer and contracted his services with Boyan Studios in San Jose where he learned the art of making family portraits, on location. In 1983 he moved to the Santa Cruz mountains where he met a wonderful artist by the name of K.Lee Manuel. At the time K.Lee was creating some amazing pieces of wearable art and she gave David his first opportunity to photograph artwork. Eventually he expanded his professional services to include, product, advertising and fine art reproduction.

Arts Council of Santa Cruz County, City of Sunnyvale, City of Milpitas, Intel Corporation, Lambert Media, Land Trust of Santa Cruz County, Legion of Honor, Marine Mammal Center, Pacific Design, Pajaro Valley Arts Council, Santa Cruz County Animal Services, Santa Cruz County, Santa Cruz Wood, Scarborough Gardens, Third Eye Pinecone, Waldorf School, ARTIST, Kathleen Alles, Allyssa Anderson, Betsy Andersen, Skip Andreae, Barbara Bailey-Porter, Barbara Bartels, Demian Bartholomew, Saundra Beno, Bonnie Bernardi, Mary Brooks, Martin Calvo, Joan Stein Carroll, Ruth Carroll, Ed Cerro, Linda Christensen, Lois Cole, Judy Cooper, Julia Darcy, Rachel Van Dessel, Marnie Dufau, Mary Jo Dunn-Ruiz, Karen Elaine, Suzanne Elliot, Katie Fitzgerald, Gonzalo Flores, Danielle Rahe Fox, Daniel S. Friedman, Ara Gaubert, Giselle Gautreau, David Glenn, Marianne Groh, Susan Hancey, Michele Hausman, Anita Heckman, Coraly Hanson, Kristin Hayward, Susan Heinz, Maggie Renner Hellman, Mary Hopf, Ross Jones, Sefla Joseph, Howard Kaneg, Paul Kashap, Bill Kennann, Victoria Kerr, Ruth Korch, Louanne Korver, Anne LaBrie, Barbara Lawrence, Joe Leeman, Shirley Lehner-Rhoades, Teresa Mattos, K.Lee Manuel, Jon Manss, Beth Mastrude, Doug Masury, Susan Matulich, Carolina McCall, Liz McCreadie, Diane McNew, Kathryn Metz, Linda Mitchell, Addrienne Momi, Mercedes Molloy, Shirley Motmans, Pat Michaud-Towery, Eileen Murray, Mary Offermann, Cher Roberts, Karen Robey, Doug Ross, Lexis Rubenis, William C. Rushton, Jill Sanders, Martha Seaver, Ray Gwen Smith, Jamile Torres, Susanna Waddell, Dana Weigand, Jennifer Welty, Renee Sayer Wence, Roberta Lee Woods.

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